April 19, 2024

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Good Things Going honor Parkside’s John Brandon as Teacher of the Month

                            John Brandon receives the award from Walton Agency CEO Ric Walton

Good Things Going, a campaign started by The Walton Agency and headed by Stuart Kail, has named John Brandon as the Teacher of the Month.
“This award means I am making a valuable impact on the community of Jackson.. Through JPS, I am able to influence generations of young people to invest in their education, their character, and our community.”, said Brandon. “However, for me, my wife Brenda, is the entire reason I can dedicate myself to teaching. She is my peace, my motivation and my encouragement. I could do nothing without her and my entire family by my side.”
“I’m glad John Brandon was recognized and he is receiving this award because he is very deserving”, said Parkside Principal Jeremy Patterson. “He has great relationships with students, staff and families. He is a product of Jackson Public Schools and he continues to invest in the students he serves, and beyond.”

                            John Brandon also pictured with Parkside Principal Jeremy Patterson

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