May 30, 2024

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Jackson Man goes from Food Truck to New Restaurant


For more than 30 years Larry Pryor worked out on the road driving his food truck around the country.

Today, he says all the miles, sweat, and tears were worth it because now he has a place to call home in a permanent building called Pryor’s BBQ House.

“The comfort is unimaginable. We love it. We have more space to operate. It’s not cramped.  This is going to be a good job for us. We like it,” said Owner of Pryor’s BBQ House, Larry Pryor.

Larry says it wasn’t easy, and over the years he learned he had a patience he didn’t know was possible. This came from moments such as working out of his truck during the polar vortex. It was during those times where he spent hours shoveling the parking lot he set up in just to get ready to cook.

“I was out there seven days a week in the trailer. I built a little shanty on the side of the trailer to keep the wind from blowing,” said Pryor.

Larry hopes to pass on what he’s learned to the next generation.

“I hope it inspires them to know that dreams can come true. That it is possible,” said Pryor.

In the end, he says it’s the people in the community, like Rick Walton who helped spread the word about his food, and his business that means so much.

“I went up to him and I told him thank you. You really don’t know. You don’t know how you impacted my life,” said Pryor.

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