March 4, 2024

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Jackson Public Schools celebrate Black History Month.

Parkside Students

Chris White- “George Washington Carver
 was a very popular black inventor who found many uses of the peanut, including peanut butter, peanut soup and even soap.
He was really inspirational because of how he overcame all the preconceived notions of black people in America, and how he made products that are still used today.”

Iyanni Stizza-“Barack Obama was the first black president of the United States. He was a great president and certainly better than the one we have now.”

Lisette Perez-“Emmette Till was killed because he flirted with a married white woman. Two white men came to the house in Mississippi where he was visiting. They abducted him and killed and he was found in a swamp. He had been tortured but his mother held an open casket funeral. He was 14.”

Kamea Wright-“Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a figure of the public that fought for equal rights for all.I admire Dr. King tremendously, and I am the product of his hard work and dedication”

Jackson High Students

Aniya Caldwell- “I think Black History Month is an outward expression of black excellence and black legacy. It should be appreciated by most if not all because Black History doesn’t get enough love or attention, so Black History Month celebrates and surrounds black accomplishment.”

Collin Firman-“Black History Month to me means celebrating and looking back on what black Americans and black people have been through. There should be more than just a month, but It’s a month that everyone can look at and appreciate what black people have gone through over multiple generations and hundreds of years of inequality. And now looking forward to what we can accomplish together.”

Haylee Hampton-“Black History Month is a time to reminisce where we have came from, we haven’t just come from slavery, we used to be Kings and Queens in Africa. I just love how far we have come as a nation, I love how we have advanced in everything. We weren’t allowed to read and write and now some of smartest and richest people on earth are Black. I’m very proud to be a African American women.”

Marcus Gant-“For me Black History Month is a reminder of black history and everything we have been through.  It’s something that I believe we need to get away from.It’s also a backhanded compliment. Its like you guys have so much, but were going to make you fit it in one month We need to make history, history. Black history, Asian history, American history , all history is history.”

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