May 30, 2024

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Viking Varsity Basketball players optimistic for 2019-2020 season.

Photo by Yahoo Sports

Clayton Currie-“I'm a senior, point and shooting guard. When I’m on the floor, I expect to bring defensive intensity to the game. I want to impact the game in any way that I can. I expect the Vikings to win this year, and hopefully we are peaking around tournament time and teams will fear us”
Daivion Boleware-“I am a 6’5’’ power forward, senior. I am happy with the way things are progressing. I expect our team team to win, and I consider myself a team leader. My strength is rebounding and I’m a spot -up shooter.”
Kyrin Stitts-“My role on this team is to be a leader, so we can get better everyday. I feel like I’m a coach on the floor who energizes his teammates. I’m a shooting guard .I expect this team to continue to improve so make a deep run at tournament time.”
Austin Matthes-“I’m a senior and my first year playing varsity. I consider myself a perimeter shooter behind the arc and a good defender. I’m hoping for a successful year with only a few losses, if that. Coach Barnes has us working hard and going in a positive direction.”
Isareal Bynum-"“I'm a junior and lock-down defender. I take pride in playing defense. Coach Barnes’ focus is on team defense and he expects us to improve daily. We lack experience as a team, but that will make us play harder. I hope and expect us to improve and make a good run in March”

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